Help us Help the Animals

Your donations will help us take care of the animals all living on our sanctuary, as well as help save more lives! Below are the different ways you can support Changing Hearts Farm…

Monetary Donations

We are so thankful for our generous donors! Your donations not only help us maintain a happy lifestyle for our farm animals but also help us to save more lives! With your donation, animals like Jimmy (pictured left) can live their best lives with the Solans!

Sponsor an Animal

Each Changing Hearts Farm animal will live out the rest of his/her life, never having to go hungry again. Never having to suffer again. Never having to worry about landing on someone’s plate. Place your heart in the hooves of one of our animals through direct sponsorship. All of your ‘Adopt an Animal’ donations will go toward direct care of that specific animal.

Purchase Merchandise

Shop our Changing Hearts Farm merchandise. 100% of revenue funds the sanctuary. Coming soon!