Meet the Residents

Meet the CHF Residents

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The Cows

Zeke & Zephyr

Our “big cows.” These boys were born on a dairy farm, and since they had no use for them, they were thrown in a trailer at just a day old. A sweet woman found them and saved them. They eventually needed more acres to roam, so they came to CHF to their forever home.

These two love each other and can often be found snuggling in their shelter together or eating the leaves off the trees together.

Rosebud & Cassidy

Rosebud and Cassidy were the first cows to join our family. They were owned by homesteaders in the Chapel Hill area where Rosebud was being used for milk and Cassidy was slated to be slaughtered for meat.

Unlike billions of animals each year, Rose and Cassie got lucky. The family who was using them decided to move out of the country and surrendered the animals to a nearby rescue. Soon after, mom and baby came to Changing Hearts. Rose was 5 years old and Cassie 8 months. At this time, Cassidy was still nursing and continued to for about a year longer — A stark difference to the 24 hours that calves are allowed to nurse from their mothers in the dairy industry before being ripped away.

They now live happily as the “mini cows” at CHF.

The Pigs


Jimmy was the first resident of CHF and joined us when he was just 5 months old. Rick and Carolyn were still living in Charlotte at the time, so Jimmy lived in the house with them and the cats and dogs.

The dogs quickly fell in love with Jimmy once he showed them how he could open the pantry and refrigerator!

Jimmy was born in the woods. We believe he is part factory farm pig, part wild boar. A passerby found Jimmy laying near his dead mother and sisters who also passed away shortly after.

No doubt that Jimmy would love to be with his family still; but since he can’t, he is now a part of our family. He has a little wooden house in a beautiful pasture with a big mud pool. He spends his days grazing and his nights snuggled up with brother Willie.


Willie was found abandoned and with a broken leg that had never been set.

The vet thought the risk was too high to operate so Willie went to swim therapy. Today he gets around just fine and enjoys romping around and snuggling with his best pal, Jimmy.

The Horses


Lilly and her mom weren’t being cared for properly and were hobbled, meaning their legs were tied together. They did this because they didn’t have proper fencing and didn’t want them running away.

Lilly and her mom desperately needed medical care, so a kind neighbor convinced the owner to let her take them. Her mother had a ligament disease and sadly didn’t make it.

Lilly was very depressed and luckily took to Stella as her best friend. It took us a year and a half to get Lilly to trust humans again and to rehabilitate her feet from the hobbling.

Now, Lilly’s huge personality is coming out. If you visit the farm, chances are that Lilly will be the first to greet you, as she is quite the sweet, silly, social butterfly now!

Stella Blue

Stella was found abandoned, wandering on her own. Stella is the sweetest girl. She was so shy at first but now loves everyone, especially her best friend Lilly.

Stella has an inoperable brain tumor that is treated daily. We don’t know how long we have with her, but we do know that she is happy for now and is incredibly loved.

The Chickens

Anastasia, Bella, Adeline, Julia Simon, & Abigail

Story coming soon!

Remembering Katie

Katie, like the other hens, was bred to grow so large, so fast, that her organs could not support her. She died at only 6 months old, despite the beautiful life she was given after being liberated from a factory farm.

Her death will not be in vain. We share her story to shed light for all animals who suffer at the hands of uninformed consumers and corporate greed.

Fly High Katie. You were so very loved.

The Goats

Buckey & Baker

Story coming soon!

The Dogs and Cats

The Dogs

Gus aka Gusto:

Gus is about seven years old and was rescued from a kill shelter the day before he was to be put down. Gus loves everyone, animal or human. Belly rubs are his favorite!


Carolyn found Bennie wet and cold on a January morning. No one stepped forward for him, so he’s been a part of our family since 2017. He takes advantage of his small size to sneak into the pastures where we often find him with the horses or the cows who all love him.


We found Bernie on highway 73 in Huntersville in 2012 running along side of the highway with ears covered in ticks.


We found out shortly after we agreed to foster and find a home for her that Luna is short for Lunatic! She was so crazy that we didn’t think anyone would adopt her, so she became a part of our family in the summer of 2018. The dogs and cats all love her, and we’ve found that so do we despite her non-stop energy!