Sponsor a Resident

Changing Hearts Farm serves as a forever home for each resident who comes to stay. We want each animal on our farm to live out the rest of their days knowing they are safe from harm and loved by many. To help cover each resident’s stay, you as the donor can choose to sponsor one of our residents!

Did you visit the farm and absolutely fall in love with a particular resident?

Do you have an affinity for horses or goats and decide that you’d like to dedicate a monthly donation to one of ours?

No matter the reason you’ve decided to sponsor a resident, we and our animals are so grateful for the help we’ll receive from you! It’s people like you that help us realize our mission and continue to do the work that we do for these beloved creatures.

When you choose to sponsor a resident, you’ll receive a thank you package as a symbol of our gratitude. Sponsorships are available in $25, $50, and $75 increments billed to your credit card monthly. A sponsorship runs for 12 months and will auto renew at the end of the 12 month period. If you decide to discontinue your sponsorship, please send an email to info@changingheartsfarm.org.

If you are choosing sponsorship as a gift for someone else and would like the thank you package to be sent to a different address than the billing address, please contact us at info@changingheartsfarm.org to make special arrangements. If you would like the package to arrive by a certain date, please know that a rush shipping cost may apply. You may cancel your sponsorship at anytime by sending an email to info@changingheartsfarm.org. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your thank you package to be shipped.


Can an animal have multiple sponsors?

Yes! Our animals cohabitate, therefore resources are being shared. Sponsorship truly supports all of our animals, as it would be impossible to separate feed and other resources amongst the hens, for example.

Can I sponsor more than one animal?

By all means, the more the merrier! Simply start a subscription payment for each animal that you’d like to sponsor.

For larger, single amount subscriptions (i.e. if you wish to donate $200 monthly), please use our general ‘Donate’ button at the top of the page and select “Make this a monthly donation” under your donation amount.

All support, small and large, makes a difference, and we are truly grateful!

Can I name the animal that I sponsor?

Unfortunately not. Most of our animals come to the farm with names already determined. We wouldn’t want to cause confusion to the animals, our team, or our amazing following by switching up the names of any of our animals. Medical records would also prevent this. We also feel that each name already given has added a bit of character to each animal 🙂

What happens if an animal I’m sponsoring dies?

Our residents come to us in all sorts of conditions we wish we could’ve prevented. Because of the horrific things these beautiful creatures have endured, medical issues do arise that may take them from us unexpectedly. If your animal dies, we will contact you with the following options:

1) You can transfer your sponsorship to a different animal.

2) You can discontinue your sponsorship.

All unused sponsorship funds paid out prior to the discontinuation of sponsorship will go toward the care of the rest of our animals.

Can I pay my sponsorship by check?

If you wish to sponsor an animal by check, you may mail your check to:

Changing Hearts Farm
306 College Farm Rd
Shelby, NC 28152

We ask that, if you choose to pay for a sponsorship by check, that you please pay for the whole year up front. Please include the name of the animal you are sponsoring on the memo line of the check, and provide a return address on the envelope so that we know where to send the thank you package.